Colin Gilmore

Canada Research Chair in Applied Electromagnetic Inversion

Tier 2 - 2018-10-01
University of Manitoba
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

Research summary

The ability to see things that are normally invisible to the naked eye is an enormous boon to humankind. For example, medical imaging enables us to “see” inside the human body. Similarly, electromagnetic inversion uses radio waves to see inside objects. It creates images using antennas and electromagnetic transceivers, computer models and optimization algorithms.

As Canada Research Chair in Applied Electromagnetic Inversion, Dr. Colin Gilmore is advancing this technology in ways that will help researchers in diverse ways, from maximizing crop values to improving breast cancer detection and monitoring to locating oil spills beneath Arctic sea ice. He and his research team hope their work will ensure that Canada continues to lead in areas like agriculture, biomedicine and oil and gas prospecting.