Robin Chhabra

Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Soft Space Robotics

Tier 2 - 2018-01-10
Renewed: 2024-02-01
Carleton University
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

613-520-2600, ext. 4251

Research involves

Developing new intelligent guidance, navigation and control technologies for space robotic systems to address the off-nominal conditions that appear in space missions.

Research relevance

This research will enable future space systems to perform autonomously in hostile and uncertain outer space environments.

Research summary

Understanding how living organisms fit into the world is the key to designing next-generation space robotics. Two critical factors that help behaviorally complex organisms interact with their environments are the softness of their biological tissues and the efficiency with which they process information. Bio-inspired soft robots and neuromorphic hardware inspired by the nervous system provide a high degree of flexibility and computational efficiency in robotic systems.

Dr. Robin Chhabra, Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Soft Space Robotics, is investigating the use of shape-morphing soft robotic systems for use in future in-orbit and planetary space robotic missions. The systems that Chhabra and his team develop will provide the space sector with safe and reliable robotic systems to service existing space infrastructure. Their research will also open up new possibilities for exploring new regions of our solar system.