Bettina Callary

Canada Research Chair in Sport Coaching and Adult Learning

Tier 2 - 2019-07-01
Cape Breton University
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Research summary

As our population ages, we are increasingly interested in solutions for healthy living that are based on physical activity, social support and mental well-being initiatives. But adult sport participation is often left to haphazard leadership and programming. Dr. Bettina Callary thinks Canadians deserve better.

As Canada Research Chair in Sport Coaching and Adult Learning, Callary is exploring how to lead and create quality sport experiences for adults to support healthy, active aging. She and her research team are focusing on adult learning and coach education resources and programming for this fast-growing but neglected population. They are exploring coaching across contexts, cultures and communities. Ultimately, they hope to develop evidence-based policies, programs and tools to support better strategies for coach development and adult sport participation.