Sophie LaRochelle

Canada Research Chair in Advanced Photonic Technologies for Communications

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
Université Laval
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Research involves

Developing photonic devices and specialty optical fibres for very high speed signal-processing and data transmission in telecommunication networks.

Research relevance

This research will provide access to new information technology applications by improving the speed and efficiency of communication networks.

Communicating Using the Multiple Dimensions of Light

Faster computers and communication networks have revolutionized our daily lives. But constant increases in transmitted data may soon saturate the capacity of fibre optic communication networks, which were long considered inexhaustible.

The energy efficiency of communications is also a concern, whether it is for communication between microprocessors, computers in data centres or communication in undersea and terrestrial networks.

Dr. Sophie LaRochelle, Canada Research Chair in Advanced Photonic Technologies for Communications, aims to optimize fibre optic communication networks by using the multiple dimensions of light waves to transmit information. 

Doing so will require a new generation of photonic devices and optical fibres. LaRochelle’s research involves studying integrated photonic circuits on semiconductors so that several optical-signal-processing functions can be combined on a single chip. LaRochelle is aiming to design optical fibres that can increase the number of channels that can be transmitted and amplified on the same fibre.

By improving the quality of communication links, LaRochelle’s research will help develop easily accessible web applications and strengthen the competitiveness of Canada’s optical communications industry.