Mary Bunch

Canada Research Chair in Vision, Disability and the Arts

Tier 2 - 2019-05-01
York University
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Research summary

Visual images provide instant data, information and communication. They generate stories and ideas about the world and what it means to be human. But the role of vision and visual technologies in shaping the peoples’ lives, political imaginations and plans are not well understood.

Dr. Mary Bunch, Canada Research Chair in Vision, Disability and the Arts, is exploring techniques to develop a different understanding of vision. She and her research team are working with communities and artists to imagine solutions to political issues that concern them. By involving disability studies scholars, arts communities and neuroscientists in their research, they hope to develop new understandings of how marginalized communities envision and shape the kind of world they desire. Ultimately, their work will help build ethical and sustainable futures, support activist projects, and inform social policy.