Emmanuelle  Bernheim

Canada Research Chair in Mental Health and Access to Justice 

Tier 2 - 2020-12-01
University of Ottawa
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Research summary

People with mental health disorders who wind up in the justice system experience a range of difficulties that can aggravate their mental health conditions. Dr. Emmanuelle Bernheim, Canada Research Chair in Mental Health and Access to Justice, is studying these individuals’ access to justice.

Using an interdisciplinary, applied and partner-based approach, Bernheim and her research team are pursuing a new avenue of research that explores the knowledge, rights and judicial/psychiatric paths of individuals with mental health issues in the justice system. This new knowledge, gleaned from transformative projects and critical analyses, will help those with mental health issues to access justice. It will be useful not only to those directly involved, but also to the research and practice communities, the community at large and policy-makers.