Isabelle  Boileau

Canada Research Chair in Endocannabinoid Imaging in Mental Illness 

Tier 2 - 2021-03-01
University of Toronto
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Research summary

Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring, cannabis-like molecules that are produced in our brains and bodies. Scientists now recognize that our endocannabinoid systems have the potential to reduce the pain, anxiety and inflammation that often accompany mental illness and addictions. But very few human studies have looked at how therapeutics that target the endocannabinoid system can influence the development and progression of these and other conditions.

Dr. Isabelle Boileau, Canada Research Chair in Endocannabinoid Imaging in Mental Illness, is using a combination of unique molecular imaging approaches in humans to better understand the role of the endocannabinoid system in mental illness and addictions. She and her research team hope their studies will lead to new, more effective treatments for these problems.