Jason W. Busse

Canada Research Chair in Prevention & Management of Chronic Pain

Tier 2 - 2020-09-01
McMaster University
Canadian Institutes of Health Research


Research summary

Chronic pain—often defined as any pain lasting at least three to six months—can have significant effects on sufferers’ day-to-day lives and mental health. Dr. Jason Busse, Canada Research Chair in Prevention and Management of Chronic Pain, is investigating ways to prevent and manage chronic pain, with particular attention to persistent post-surgical pain. Because surgery is a form of controlled trauma, it offers researchers the opportunity to explore predictors of persistent pain and target the most promising ones in clinical trials.

Busse and his research team are also looking at therapeutic options to manage chronic pain and developing clinical practice guidelines that incorporate patients’ values and preferences. Finally, they are exploring knowledge transfer strategies to help ensure that the information they uncover will inform practice.