Tohid  F. Didar

Canada Research Chair in Nano-biomaterials

Tier 2 - 2021-01-01
McMaster University
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

Research summary

Biomedical devices are used in point-of-care diagnostics, implants, drug-discovery platforms and more. Their performance relies on biological entities interacting effectively with synthetic materials.

With an emphasis on innovation, interdisciplinary research and translational science, Dr. Tohid Didar, Canada Research Chair in Nano-biomaterials, aims to create a world-class research platform focused on nano-biomaterials—that is, tools, technologies and discoveries that can be used in medical devices, biosensors and food monitoring systems. He and his research team are trying to understand the phenomena that govern the interactions between living and synthetic matter. Ultimately, they hope to translate that knowledge into solutions that will have real-life impact on global challenges such as infectious diseases, medical diagnostics and food safety.