Elizabeth  Gillies

Canada Research Chair in Polymeric Biomaterials

Tier 1 - 2020-09-01
Western University
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Research summary

Polymers are large molecules formed by linking up smaller repeating chemical units. They are used in everything from plastic water bottles to clothing and automobiles. They are also present in the human body, in the DNA of our cells, and have immense potential to improve how we treat many diseases.

Dr. Elizabeth Gillies, Canada Research Chair in Polymeric Biomaterials, is using innovative polymer design and synthesis to develop materials with new properties and functions. For example, she is trying to create polymers and coatings that can be triggered to degrade in specific conditions, and using them to release therapeutics such as proteins, DNA and antibiotics at the specific sites in the human body where they are needed. She and her research team are also developing injectable delivery systems that will be able to release drugs in joints in a sustained or disease-triggered manner.