Marie Auger-Méthé

Canada Research Chair in Statistical Ecology

Tier 2 - 2018-10-01
The University of British Columbia
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

Research summary

Industries like fisheries and shipping are increasingly affecting the world’s aquatic ecosystems. Because we rely on these ecosystems to meet our basic needs, such as for food, it is critical that we find ways to conserve them. The challenge is: how do we do this? As Canada Research Chair in Statistical Ecology, Dr. Marie Auger-Méthé is looking for solutions.

Many aquatic species are difficult to study because the environments they live in are often hidden from sight. She and her research team are developing reliable statistical methods that make the most of the information we already have about aquatic species, such as their movement tracks. These new methods can be used to improve fisheries management and identify geographic areas that are important for conservation. Ultimately, their research will give us the means to understand and conserve aquatic animals in Canada and elsewhere.