Amandine Catala

Canada Research Chair in Chaire de recherche du Canada en Philosophie de l’injustice et de l’agentivité épistémiques

Tier 2 - 2019-07-01
Université du Québec à Montréal
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Research summary

A person experiences epistemic injustice if they are not believed (or if no effort is made to understand them) because they belong to one or more non-dominant social groups—such as women, sexual minorities, Indigenous persons, racialized individuals, persons with disabilities or those who are neurodiverse. Epistemic injustice undermines “epistemic agency”—that is, our ability to help develop and exchange knowledge.

Dr. Amandine Catala, Canada Research Chair in Epistemic Injustice and Agency, seeks to improve epistemic agency for non-dominant social groups. She and her research team aim to identify the relationships—underexplored to date—between epistemic injustice and a number of societal problems in order to better understand and combat them.