Thomas Stachel

Canada Research Chair in Diamonds

Tier 1 - 2017-11-01
University of Alberta
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council


Coming to Canada From

University of Frankfurt, Germany

Research involves

The study of diamonds and their syngenetic inclusions.

Research relevance

Findings will lead to a better understanding of diamond origin and occurrence which Canada's diamond industry can employ to enhance mining operations.

Assuring Future Diamond Production for Canada

During the last ten years, Canada has become a major focus of exploration for diamonds, as well as one of the world's top producers. But ongoing research into the origin and occurrence of diamonds is needed to assure the future development of what is fast becoming one of our major natural resources.
Dr.Thomas Stachel is among only a handful of scientists leading research in this critical field. Over the past seven years, he has conducted numerous groundbreaking studies on diamond inclusions. This award-winning work and his substantial number of papers in international peer-reviewed journals are leading contributions in diamond research and other Earth-related sciences worldwide.
As Chair in Diamonds at the University of Alberta, he is drawing on his well-established expertise to study diamonds and their syngenetic inclusions. Syngenetic inclusions are minerals contained within diamonds that are formed at the same time, and by the same processes as the host diamonds. Studying these inclusions will provide valuable qualitative and quantitative data, which the diamond industry can employ to locate diamond deposits and predict their quality.

Funding from the Chair is facilitating the creation of a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with the most technologically advanced analytical tools available for diamond research. To further his success, Dr. Stachel is collaborating with leading scientists in the university's Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, where studies related to the evolution of the Earth's mantle (the layer between the crust and the core) are already a top priority. He will also continue to work closely with leaders in the diamond mining industry, such as international giant DeBeers Consolidated Mines Ltd., to assure a continued supply of sample diamonds from various mines.

The discoveries of Dr. Stachel's world class team should significantly advance diamond research and further Canada's leadership in diamond production.