Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu

Canada Research Chair in Immunomodulation Materials and Immunotherapy

Tier 1 - 2022-04-01
The University of British Columbia
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Research summary

Inflammatory and immune-mediated diseases affect one in three Canadians and cost the Canadian economy more than $100 billion every year. As Canada Research Chair in Immunomodulation Materials and Immunotherapy, Dr. Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu is trying to develop new approaches to treat and prevent immunothrombosis (a condition that affect the small blood vessels) and the immunological rejection of organs and cells along with ways to protect blood vessels in patients with inflammatory conditions.

He and his research team are bringing new directions and innovations to immunomodulation materials and immunotherapy. They are developing unique, biologically active polymers, new chemistry and chemical biology approaches, and animal models. Their work will lead to more transplantable organs, better survival rates for transplant recipients, and new treatments for thrombosis and disorders that damage the small blood vessels.