Yvonne Bombard

Canada Research Chair in Genomics Health Services and Policy

Tier 2 - 2022-10-01
University of Toronto
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Research summary

Precision medicine is designed to enhance medical treatment and care for particular groups of patients, often by making use of genetic testing. As Canada Research Chair in Genomics Health Services and Policy, Dr. Yvonne Bombard’s aim is to improve equity in access to precision medicine.

She has already developed the first digital decision aid for patients undergoing genetic testing. Now, she and her research team are transforming this decision aid into a virtual care platform that can deliver the full spectrum of clinical genetic services. They are also determining the nature and extent of racial disparities in access to genetic services in Ontario and partnering with communities and decision-makers to co-design and evaluate interventions to resolve them. Ultimately, Bombard and her team hope to ensure all Canadians can benefit from better and more equitable access to precision medicine.