Mark Chiew

Canada Research Chair in Computational Biomedical Imaging

Tier 2 - 2022-09-01
University of Toronto
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Research summary

Computational tools have ushered in a new generation of imaging technologies, such as MRI, PET and CT scans. These tools have also extended the usefulness and value of imaging hardware and complemented new developments in imaging physics. Now, as Canada Research Chair in Computational Biomedical Imaging, Dr. Mark Chiew aims to come up with new computational methods for personalized and precise magnetic resonance imaging.

He and his research team are focusing on two objectives: developing accelerated multi-contrast brain exams for rapid acute stroke imaging, and creating precision, real-time magnetic resonance guidance for ultrasound therapeutics. Ultimately, Chiew’s goal is to create new computational approaches and aid their translation into clinical settings to improve imaging-based diagnosis, prognosis and treatment monitoring.