Maria Mathews

Canada Research Chair in Primary Health Care and Health Equity

Tier 1 - 2022-10-01
Western University
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Research summary

It is estimated that more than six million Canadians do not have a family doctor—and the problem will only get worse as more physicians retire. But nurses could fill this void and promote greater health equity by addressing patients’ day-to-day (social care) needs. As Canada Research Chair in Primary Health Care and Health Equity, Dr. Maria Mathew’s goal is to support the integration of nurses into primary health care teams. 

She and her research team are examining the relationship between the current health care funding model and the integration of family practice nurses in primary health care. They are also studying the roles of primary care nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic and comparing the quality of both care and patient experiences in nurse-led care models in rural communities. In addition, they are evaluating a program that provides support to people who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but do not have a family doctor.