Guojun Chen

Canada Research Chair in Biomaterials and Biomacromolecule Delivery

Tier 2 - 2024-01-01
McGill University
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

Research summary

Biomacromolecules—such as nucleic acids, proteins and genome editors—are large, complex biological molecules that hold vast potential to treat many diseases. But before we can use them in medicine, we need to find effective ways of delivering them to the correct tissues and cells. Key challenges include making this targeted delivery more efficient and minimizing unwanted side effects. (The mRNA vaccines developed to help prevent COVID-19 are examples of what can be accomplished by developing drug delivery technologies for biomacromolecules.)

As Canada Research Chair in Biomaterials and Biomacromolecule Delivery, Dr. Guojun Chen is combining chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology and bioengineering to develop next-generation delivery systems for various biomacromolecules. He and his research team are using this multi-disciplinary approach to advance biomaterials for the delivery of biomacromolecules and gain a deeper understanding of how they interact with biological systems. Their research could have a significant impact on public health and the economy.