COVID-19 update April 20, 2021

Extensions of active Chairs due to the pandemic

In light of the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that some research activities for chairholders may be delayed. The Tri-agency Institutional Programs Secretariat will provide additional extensions for chairholders whose terms expire on or after March 31, 2021, where applicable, when institutions request them due to the pandemic, regardless of whether they have received a previous extension. These extensions are in time only.

For chairholders in their first term, the Canada Research Chairs Program (CRC program) will, upon request by the institution: 

  • provide an extension to the end date and to the renewal date (up to one year) to the first term; or,
  • if the first term is not being renewed, provide an extension for the authorization for use of funds date (up to one year), and allow new expenses during this period.

As two chairholders cannot occupy the same allocation, and in the event that a renewal extension might overlap with a new nomination, there are two options for chairholders in their second/final term. For these chairholders, the CRC program will, upon request by the institution:

  • provide an extension to the end date of the Chair (up to one year); or
  • provide an extension for the authorization for use of funds date (up to one year), and allow new expenses during this period. 

All requirements of the Chairs Administration Guide regarding the use of funds and eligible expenses continue to apply.

Please contact your program officer to request an extension.

Change in CV update deadline

The deadline for CV updates for the cycle 2020-2 (intake of November 2020) has been changed to April 30, 2021.

Annual reporting exempted and extension to submit Statements of Accounts

The CRC program is undergoing its 20-year evaluation. Included in this evaluation will be a request for participation from institutions, as well as a survey to all chairholders. These reasons, along with the continued impacts of the pandemic on chairholders and their institutions, have resulted in the decision to exempt institutions and chairholders from submitting their annual reports for 2020-21. The statements of accounts will still be required, but the deadline has been extended to September 30, 2021. Additional information on the program evaluation will be forthcoming in fall 2021. For any questions regarding these changes, please contact your program officer.

Canada Research Chairs

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