Updates to the Chairs Administration Guide

The Chairs Administration Guide has been revised. The table below outlines the specific changes that were made.


Sub-section of Guide Nature of changes

Institutional contacts

For Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC) only: Institutions can update their institutional contacts by emailing information@cerc.gc.ca
Open Access Research funded through the program must comply with the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications
Indirect Costs Clarification provided regarding the use of funds to pay for indirect costs.
Other types of eligible expenses Clarification provided on when a  salary or consulting fee is an ineligible or eligible expense.
Reporting requirements for Canada Research Chairs For Canada Research Chairs Program only: The final activity report is no longer required.
Maternity, Parental, Medical or Family Medical Leaves Understanding the importance of and the need for these leaves, the program now allows institutions and chairholders more flexibility in how they choose to receive  payments during maternity, parental, medical or family medical leaves.  

Residual balances

For CERC program only: Unless an extended carry-over has been approved, funds remaining at the end of the one-year phase out period must be returned to SSHRC’s finance division. The program may approve an extension if adequately justified by the institution.