New anticipated decision date for nominations submitted in October 2015

Decision date

Please note that the anticipated decision date for nominations submitted by the October 9, 2015 deadline has been changed from April to May 2016. Funding decisions will be shared with institutions the first week of May 2016, following the program’s usual process. 

Start dates

The effective start date of new Chairs can be no earlier than April 1, 2016. Note that on the Notice of Award (NOA), the earliest start date generated by our electronic information system will be May 1, 2016 due to our electronic system business rules, which cannot be overruled. However, if institutions prefer the start date to be April 1, 2016, they should indicate this on the signed copy of the NOA that they send back, by email, to the Secretariat.

The effective start date of renewed Chairs will be the first day following the end date of the original term.

Note: NOAs should be scanned and sent to The Secretariat does not require paper copies. Where possible, institutions should send multiple NOAs in one email in order to limit the volume of correspondence received in the Chairs inbox.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Should you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact your institution’s program officer.