Kate Tilleczek

Canada Research Chair in Young Lives in Global and Local Contexts

Tier 1 - 2014-01-01
University of Prince Edward Island
Social Sciences and Humanities


Research involves

Establishing a collaborative, community-based, youth-focused research and training program to better understand the emerging challenges young people face in contemporary society.

Research relevance

The research aims to inform the work of scholars and the actions of parents, educators, health practitioners, mental health professionals and others who interact with youth, by helping them better understand the everyday lives of young people in both local and global contexts.

Learning from the everyday experiences of today’s youth

Young people today live complicated lives. In Canada and around the globe, they must negotiate a complex web of emerging circumstances—from globalization to digital culture—that can affect their social and educational development.

As Canada Research Chair in Young Lives in Global and Local Contexts, the University of Prince Edward Island’s Dr. Kate Tilleczek is helping us understand and address how today’s young people are navigating and experiencing life. Her local and global research and training program addresses emerging risks and challenges for youth.

Innovative, collaborative and interdisciplinary, Tilleczek’s research expands our understanding about the social contexts and experiences of modern young Canadians, in schools, in mental health settings, in digital environments and in communities. She is especially concerned with understanding the needs of young people who struggle the most.

Through her research program, Tilleczek and her teams study the lives of modern youth across time and place, factoring in challenges inherent in poverty, social inequality and discrimination.

By comparing the experiences of Canadian youth with those of young people around the world, Tilleczek is gaining new insights into what today’s young people are up against—and how society can better support them.

Tilleczek’s research and commitment to sharing knowledge will benefit parents, young people, educators, government officials, scholars and community leaders who work to help young people

In particular, Tilleczek’s work on the social factors influencing young lives will inform decision making about  youth issues and could ultimately reshape policy and practice in education, technology and well-being for youth.