Kate Tilleczek

Canada Research Chair in Youth, Education and Global Good

Tier 1 - 2014-01-01
York University
Social Sciences and Humanities


Research involves

Establishing a collaborative, international and youth focussed research and training program in order to better understand the daily challenges young people face and how education can best be positioned to build a global good with, for and by young people. Short—less than 25 words—description of the research

Research relevance

Informing the work of scholars and the actions of youth, educators, mental health professionals, and others who interact with youth by helping them better understand the everyday lives of young people and forms of education in local and global contexts. Short—less than 25 words—description of the importance of the research and how it will benefit Canadians

Helping youth navigate today’s complex world

Young people today live complex lives. Whether in Canada or abroad, there are many modern-day challenges they must deal with, such as rapidly shifting technology, social inequality, globalization and digital cultures that can affect their social and educational lives and opportunities.

As Canada Research Chair in Youth, Education and Global Good, Dr. Kate Tilleczek will examine and help address the modern world as lived by young people. She will continue to build her innovative, collaborative, interdisciplinary and community-based research and training program to address emerging risks and challenges for youth, and to determine how education can best support them.

Her research will expand our understanding of the social contexts and experiences of Canadian youth in schools, mental health settings, digital environments and in their communities overall.

Tilleczek’s collaborative international research compares the experiences of Canada’s young people with those of youth around the world, and through such themes as poverty, inequality and discrimination. She aims to share the knowledge gained from her analysis for the benefit of parents, youth, educators, policy-makers, scholars and community leaders working to help young people.

Her work in understanding social and cultural contexts that influence the everyday lives of young people will inform government decision-making around youth issues and programs, and ultimately reshape our understanding and practices in education and technology for the improved wellbeing of youth in the modern world.