Program Statistics

Total number of Chair allocations (filled and vacant) 2,000
Number of regular allocations (filled and vacant) 1,880
Number of special allocations (filled and vacant) 120
Number of participating universities 76

 For more information on how the program allocates Chairs to each university, visit the section Method of allocating Chairs.

Filled Canada Research Chairs Positions as of March 2014

Total number of filled Canada Research Chair positions 1,743
Number of Tier 1 chairholders 821
Number of Tier 2 chairholders 922

Total number of chairholders recruited from outside of Canada

  • Expatriates (includes number recruited from the US)
  • International recruits (includes number recruited from the US)

278 (15.9%)


Number recruited from the US (expatriate Canadians and international)
Number of female chairholders
Tier 1: 134
Tier 2: 330
Total: 464 (26.6%)
Number of male chairholders

Tier 1: 687
Tier 2: 592
Total: 1,279 (73.4%)