Sophie Stévance

Canada Research Chair in Research-Creation in Music

Tier 2 - 2015-04-01
Université Laval
Social Sciences and Humanities

418-656-2131, ext./poste 3321

Research involves

Studying the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of research-creation.

Research relevance

This research will lead to a better understanding of how research collaborators interact, with the goal of establishing a more effective training model for research-creation in music.

An Innovative Perspective on Research-Creation

“Research-creation” is the term for an emerging academic field that combines creative and academic research practices and supports the pursuit of knowledge and innovation through artistic expression, scholarly investigation, and experimentation. As Canada Research Chair in Research-Creation in Music, Dr. Sophie Stévance seeks to highlight the new field’s collective nature.

A trained musician and music researcher, Stévance is exploring how collaborators interact and studying the need for synergy between research and creative approaches. Using an interdisciplinary, interactive approach, she is studying the collaborative process to better understand how collaborators influence each other, with a particular focus on music research.

The four main objectives of Stévance’s research are to better define the concept of research-creation and its variations in the context of music, particularly in an era of new technologies; to cultivate, analyze, and identify the different modes of interaction between researchers, researcher-creators, and creators who are working together; to encourage both theoretical and practical creations; and to support advanced training in the field.

Stévance’s research will shed light on the relationships that develop between collaborators—relationships that are critical to our ability to understand and support the interdisciplinary nature of research-creation. Ultimately, she hopes it will help the field receive the recognition it deserves and change how we understand, study, teach, and support collaborative projects, while also creating a space where collaborators can fully share their expertise.