Christopher Booth

Canada Research Chair in Population Cancer Care

Tier 2 - 2014-04-01
Renewed: 2019-04-01
Queen's University
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

613-549-6666, ext. 4501

Research involves

Evaluating cancer care and outcomes in routine clinical practice.

Research relevance

This research will lead to a better understanding of how to improve cancer system performance and patient outcomes in the general population.

Maximizing the Benefits of New Cancer Therapies

Most new cancer therapies are initially studied in clinical trials. If they show a benefit in highly specialized cancer treatment units, they are applied widely among patients in the “real world.” But, patients and health systems in the real world can be very different from those in clinical trials.

Dr. Christopher Booth’s research program uses large datasets to understand how we treat cancer in Canada’s general population. As Canada Research Chair in Population Cancer Care, he is exploring whether Canadians are getting access to high-quality cancer care, and whether the outcomes are what we should expect based on the results of clinical trials. His research is also attempting to answer important questions that clinical trials have addressed. Information from these studies may identify gaps in care and ideas for improving cancer treatment.

Booth and his research team have also studied emerging cancer systems in India and other low-to-middle income countries. Their work in India seeks to improve patient access to palliative care, high-quality surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

In addition to looking at clinical practice patterns in Canada and elsewhere, Booth works with the World Health Organization and other global health bodies to identify cancer treatments that offer the greatest benefit to patients.

Ultimately, his research program will generate critical insights that can help clinicians and policy-makers around the world improve the delivery of cancer care.